My name is Herman van Dellen and I live in The Netherlands.

 I started  this site as a follow on to the WorkforceMaturity website where I collected experiences with the People CMM model. I am still much interested in continuous and sustainable improvement of an organization's workforce. However, I feel the implementation of People CMM - as perceived by the SEI team who developed the model - might actually benefit from the Agile practices that are being developed today. I still strongly believe in the model and its architecture. However, the linear (waterfall) implementation vision may not be the most appropriate way anymore in view of the challenging business conditions that have to focus on pragmatism and quick wins. 

One of the major milestones towards a mature workforce is to reach People CMM Maturity level 2.5 - this means having Competency Management processes well implemented. A prerequisite for mature competency management processes is to have a common language of skills / knowledge / process abilities and competencies. The introduction of the European e-Competence Framework has a lot of potential to become that common language. Therefore the site will have a high focus on e-CF.

 I work for IBM Software Group as a suport manager for Rational and Eclipse software. Before this role I was responsible for the IBM Benelux technical professionals as an Organizational Development Manager.  After obtaining my MSc in Cognitive Psychology I had a career in software development, expert systems and businss intelligence, consultancy and services business management.For IBM Europe I am leading the IT Specialist Profession, a career development framework for many of IBM's technical professionals. This profession offers certification programs and IBM - together with other IT vendors - has worked with the Open Group to transform this into an international open standard. IBM and The Open Group work together on certification programs for IT professionals. 

The contents of this site represent my personal interest and opinions. My passion is the development of organizations to a state where business objectives and the maturity level of the workforce are aligned and result in a positive work climate of continuous innovation. I want to promote and discuss the People CMM model because it is a powerful tool to assess and improve workforce management process maturity. The model is gaining traction now because over the past couple of years many Indian companies have started to use it.

Please contact me by mailing to  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.