Agile Organization Development: People CMM & SCRUM

Although originating in Software Development the ideas of Agile / SCRUM have been transferred to many domains as a general project management approach. Looking at organization development (using the People CMM model) the following phases / deliverables / activities have to be addressed and translated to the domain of organization development. One of the major differences between organization development and software engineering is the time scale: organizational change is a long term process. Daily SCRUMs may be less appropriate if activities take weeks or months to complete. Yet we want to benefit from SCRUM's advantages of strong focus and sense of urgency. But apart from the time line there are more differences and these will be summarized below. 

We will now discuss the 5 deliverables / activities depicted in this the well-known (simplified) Sprint schema.

1. The Product Backlog

This is the long list of organizational changes - the ideal world of (in People CMM terminology) a maturity level 5 organization having a sustainable degree of continuous innovation. So what should be the granularity of the Product Backlog items? Even within Peeple CMM thinking there are many ways to define this:

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Kick Off Agile People & Organization Improvement werkgroep

Het core team van de SPIder People CMM Werkgroep (Cecile Davis, Herman van Dellen, Ben Linders, Jelle de Vries) heeft de meningen gepeild over het transformeren van de werkgroep.De resultaten van de survey bevestigen onze idee├źn en we hebben besloten de werkgroep te vernieuwen.
Als naam hebben we gekozen Agile People & Organization Improvement.

De kick off vindt plaats op 7 juni 2012, lokatie Sogeti in Vianen.

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