Welcome to Agile Workforce!

This site is under construction and will be developed as a replacement for the well known WorkforceMaturity.com website (which has been sun set).
The website will focus on how to make an IT workforce smarter in an agile way.

The People CMM model will be used as a pragmatic roadmap for

  1. Assessing the current maturity of workforce management practices in an organization
  2. Defining the target maturity level
  3. Identifying / quantifying the gaps between as-is and to-be
  4. Creating an agile roadmap to close the gaps

We will focus on 3 essential foundations for an Agile Workforce:

  1. A framework and roadmap to build a mature organization and workforce in a sustainable way - The People CMM model
  2. A framework and common language for IT skills - the e-Competence Framework (e-CF) and the OpenGroup Open CITS and Open CA
  3. An organizational transformation and development method - Agile

The site will explore how organizations can be changed using Agile project management techniques. One of the models to be discussed here is the People Capability Maturity Model (People CMM). This model (see e.g.the site of the Software Engineering Institute) has been developed to assess and increase the maturity of the workforce / workforce processes.  In addition we will illustrate how e-CF can be instrumental to achieve these goals.


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